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Film Stuff

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Dec. 30th, 2005 | 12:24 am
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Hey all,

I'm amazed at how few people have signed up for this LJ thing. I thought more of the usual crew would be on this thing. I guess I need to promote it more.

Anyway, here is the skinny on future projects...

THREADS: Looking to meet with all the actors before January 16th. This can be broken up into a few sessions so I can make sure I get to meet with everyone.

Writing will be up to and probably beyond January 31st.

I'd really like to get it all shot by the end of March but I'm not sure if that will be possible. I'd rather take longer and do it right than rush it and have the quality suffer.

UNTITLED (for catch-22 theme): In the can, waiting for editing.

INFECTED: Waiting for casting. I want Guy Davis as Derrick and Jeff Arbough for Tim. If neither can do it then I will make it an open casting call. I'm going to run camera on this on. This will be a one day shoot, probably about 4 to 5 hours.

KATIE'S PROJECT (WAITING FOR GRACE): In filming. Katie Anholt is at the helm on this one. I'm running camera and editing. She might be looking for more dancers (females only.... I think). If anyone is interested let me know and I'll get her your contact info.

GAME CLUB: In the writing process. There are a few people I absolutely want for this. Alex Wilder, Daniel Peak, and Madisen Beaty. There will be lots of roles available and I will definitely need a crew.

SKYWALKER AND SON: Not sure yet if this will be live action, animated, or stop frame. Still in the cooking process.

EMPEROR K'ZEER: My Star Wars fan piece. I need to learn how to After Effects lightsabers.

BLACK OPS VS JASON: This will be a little hard to pull off. I either need to learn how to make After Effects create a decent gun fire effect or I'll need to use blanks (which is still dangerous so I'd rather use a different effect). I'll also need to borrow a few MP-5 style guns (airsoft?) and find a decent cabin/lake location.

THE DAWN OF HEROES: Probably going to be in Flash animation. This will be based on the weekly Earth Dawn game I'm in. I'll need voice actors when I get around to it.

-on the back burner until outside funding comes up-

PREY: Full length film, vampires vs special ops agents.

THE DAY AFTER THE DEAD: My zombie film.

(UNTITLED): The series based on the PAYDAY game I ran. Play As Yourself, Die As Yourself. This would be an expensive piece to do. It would have to come close to the feel of Lord of the Rings. Mega special effects and so on. Or if I could sell it to the Sci-Fi channel I would.

So that's the layout so far. We'll see how things go.

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