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Happy Holidays and all that jazz PLUS Theads update

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Dec. 12th, 2005 | 12:27 pm
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Since it is December and many people are really busy I decided to crank out a really fast shoot for this month. It was about 2 hours of talking and 2 hours of filming.

I also need to wrap up a quick shoot with Alex and Dan to finish up Shadow Ops II. But I see them every weekend so that should be easy enough.

So, THREADS is that full length film I want to make. I need to talk to anybody interested in that before the first week of January ends. People that are working on character ideas have until then to crank out something. If anyone is having a brain block but wants to do something let me know, I'll help out. If anyone just wants to act as a pre-made character I've done let me know, and anyone wanting to do crew on it let me know.

I am using January as pre-production and February and March as shooting months.

If you want more info read the previous post about Threads and contact me.

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