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Calling all Goths, vampires, and martial artists in Denver

Feb. 21st, 2006 | 01:30 am
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Hey everyone,
I'm shooting a short film this coming Sunday (2/26/06) and can use extras that own Goth clothing. It is a dance club scene with lots of Goth/vampire characters dancing. If you have no idea what I'm talking about here are a few examples:
If you have seen any of the Underworld or Blade movies then you know what I'm looking for. Males and Females both welcomed.
If you own a pair of vampire teeth it would be extra cool if you brought them to wear. Then I could use you for some close ups. Also if you have any martial arts training or stage fighting experience then I can use you for the fight scene.

The shoot will probably go from 8pm till midnight. This is an unpaid position but I will post the film on the web for everyone to get to see and download. Also this film will show sometime in either April or May at the Starz FilmCenter at the Tivoli.

Breakdown on vital info:
820 W. 8th Denver. CO.
Located on the South/East block of Santa Fe and 8th
MAP: Copy and paste in your browser...
Date: Sunday February 26th 2006.
Time to meet: 8:00 pm. 7:30pm for martial artists/stage fighters.

Wear or bring your Goth stuff, and vampire teeth if you have them.

Please pass this info on to anyone you think would be interested.
If you have any questions please email me at improvneato@msn.com
Troy Fluhr

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Jan. 19th, 2006 | 01:25 pm
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Writing has officially began for Threads. Because of the large number of ideas I've had to cut some. All of the ideas were great, so it was hard to pick which stories to do. Thanks for all of the input and help so far. Target date for a finished script is the 31st. If this happens there will be at least a week for any needed rewrites. If it is solid then pre-production will go into effect: securing locations and props, casting, and rehearsals.


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Film Stuff

Dec. 30th, 2005 | 12:24 am
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Hey all,

I'm amazed at how few people have signed up for this LJ thing. I thought more of the usual crew would be on this thing. I guess I need to promote it more.

Anyway, here is the skinny on future projects...

THREADS: Looking to meet with all the actors before January 16th. This can be broken up into a few sessions so I can make sure I get to meet with everyone.

Writing will be up to and probably beyond January 31st.

I'd really like to get it all shot by the end of March but I'm not sure if that will be possible. I'd rather take longer and do it right than rush it and have the quality suffer.

UNTITLED (for catch-22 theme): In the can, waiting for editing.

INFECTED: Waiting for casting. I want Guy Davis as Derrick and Jeff Arbough for Tim. If neither can do it then I will make it an open casting call. I'm going to run camera on this on. This will be a one day shoot, probably about 4 to 5 hours.

KATIE'S PROJECT (WAITING FOR GRACE): In filming. Katie Anholt is at the helm on this one. I'm running camera and editing. She might be looking for more dancers (females only.... I think). If anyone is interested let me know and I'll get her your contact info.

GAME CLUB: In the writing process. There are a few people I absolutely want for this. Alex Wilder, Daniel Peak, and Madisen Beaty. There will be lots of roles available and I will definitely need a crew.

SKYWALKER AND SON: Not sure yet if this will be live action, animated, or stop frame. Still in the cooking process.

EMPEROR K'ZEER: My Star Wars fan piece. I need to learn how to After Effects lightsabers.

BLACK OPS VS JASON: This will be a little hard to pull off. I either need to learn how to make After Effects create a decent gun fire effect or I'll need to use blanks (which is still dangerous so I'd rather use a different effect). I'll also need to borrow a few MP-5 style guns (airsoft?) and find a decent cabin/lake location.

THE DAWN OF HEROES: Probably going to be in Flash animation. This will be based on the weekly Earth Dawn game I'm in. I'll need voice actors when I get around to it.

-on the back burner until outside funding comes up-

PREY: Full length film, vampires vs special ops agents.

THE DAY AFTER THE DEAD: My zombie film.

(UNTITLED): The series based on the PAYDAY game I ran. Play As Yourself, Die As Yourself. This would be an expensive piece to do. It would have to come close to the feel of Lord of the Rings. Mega special effects and so on. Or if I could sell it to the Sci-Fi channel I would.

So that's the layout so far. We'll see how things go.

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Happy Holidays and all that jazz PLUS Theads update

Dec. 12th, 2005 | 12:27 pm
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Since it is December and many people are really busy I decided to crank out a really fast shoot for this month. It was about 2 hours of talking and 2 hours of filming.

I also need to wrap up a quick shoot with Alex and Dan to finish up Shadow Ops II. But I see them every weekend so that should be easy enough.

So, THREADS is that full length film I want to make. I need to talk to anybody interested in that before the first week of January ends. People that are working on character ideas have until then to crank out something. If anyone is having a brain block but wants to do something let me know, I'll help out. If anyone just wants to act as a pre-made character I've done let me know, and anyone wanting to do crew on it let me know.

I am using January as pre-production and February and March as shooting months.

If you want more info read the previous post about Threads and contact me.

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Film Showings at the Bug Theater and at Globville

Nov. 17th, 2005 | 03:54 am
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Hey Guys,

There are two different places doing movie screenings this Thursday Nov. 17th. One is at 7pm, the other at 8pm. I'm going to try and hit both. Here is one (I was one of the main actors in Modern Fairie Tale)

Globeville Studios Presents:
The Colorado Premiere of JuSpan Productions' Litte Victim
starring Robert Wagner, Lori Singer, Brian Ronalds
Thursday, November 17th at 7:00 p.m.
Please join us for this complimentary evening of film and music at our new location at 635 Santa Fe Drive in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District. Dean and Brian Ronalds have made several short films which have appeared in numerous festivals to critical acclaim.

Little Victim is their latest film starring the inimitable Robert Wagner (Ausin Powers, Hart to Hart, The Pink Panther), and Lori Singer (Fame, Footloose, Short Cuts) -- a dark comedy about what lies at the end of a rainbow and the diminutive measure of a man.

We will also be screening recently completed short works by local filmmakers, including A Modern Faerie Tale directed by Group 101 member, Maiz Lucero.

Following the screening, we'll have a Q & A with the Ronalds Brothers to find out how they were able to secure known talent for their projects, and what is next for this talented young filmmaking duo.
Did I mention the free beer?
Globeville Studios 635 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204
#303-433-7123 www.globevillestudios.com
free parking available along Santa Fe Drive.

And the other is The Bug Theater is doing a thing they call the Emerging Flimmakers Project. It is where they show short films by local filmmakers. They might be showing our films Ideas, The Emperor's Daughter, and Broken in their mix. I have talked to the organizer and he needs to look at the films first. I am taking them to him today. Here is a link to how to get to the Bug...


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Threads, my first full length feature film

Nov. 17th, 2005 | 03:53 am
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Nov. 16th, 2005 | 06:02 am

So, some of already know about this, and some of you don't. I have a plan for my first full length film. I am letting the actors create their characters and I am going to write a script around them. So far the only thing I am sort of requesting is that there is some aspect of supernatural or science fiction to them. And even so, it's not necessary since I can take any character that I get and put them in the situation I am writing, and the sci-fi/ supernatural aspect can come from the situation.

I am also making a pool of characters that I'm creating in case I get an actor that doesn't have an idea but still wants to act in this film.

So if you are interested let me know and tell me about the character you want to play. Or if you want to be an actor for one of the premade characters.

I will put up a questionare in a week or two to help with people's character creation.

I would like everyones character's ideas by January 13th so I can have a script done by February. Rehearsals will run through February and shooting will start in March if we are ready.


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Shadow Ops 2, and local movie showings

Nov. 15th, 2005 | 12:58 am
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Hey everyone,

I started shooting this month's film for 101. Alex, Dan, and I filmed Sunday for about an hour and a half. There are only two to three more shots we need to wrap. It comes down to finding a time Alex and Jeremy are both free. If Jer is too busy I might need a back up camera person.

This Thursday Nov. 17th at the Bug Theater ( http://www.bugtheatre.org/ ) they are showing some short films by local film makers. I am taking them Broken, Ideas, and The Emperor's Daughter. I'd love to take more but they can't use anything that I don't have copy rights to. So Slug and the other films are out.

Next week I will post more on my first feature I want to shoot, Threads. And I'll post more on my thoughts about redoing The Emperor's Daughter next Spring.

Take care,

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Fully operational posting station

Nov. 8th, 2005 | 05:47 am
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Here it is. The Ebony Blade Productions update site. The purpose of this site is to keep cast and crew updated on projects. So lets get it started.

Theme for November's short film is Starry Night.
I want to make the next episode of Shadow Ops, finally. For it I will need

Alex Wilder - Ops Trainer/Agent (unnamed right now)
Dan Peak - Agent Black, Handler


Camera Man/D.P. - Depending on availability, Jeremy Smith or Brian Hirsch

1) Swedish Hospital: Alex and D.P.
2) An office with a desk and chair: Alex, Dan, and D.P.
3) Park with obstacles: Alex, Troy, and D.P.

Either this weekend or next (12th, 13th, 19th or 20th). It depends on which of these days I can get one of the D.P.s and both of the actors. Worst case I can run the camera for the Hospital and Office shoot.

This should be an easy project. It is mainly to introduce two more characters in the Shadow Ops story. I see this being filmed in one or two days at most depending on Dan's availability.

For those that don't know. Shadow Ops is the very first film I did for Group 101. It is suppose to be a bunch of short films that make a larger film about a guy that is recruited into a secret government agency that hunts supernatural monsters.

So I hope this web thingy works.

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