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Fully operational posting station

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Nov. 8th, 2005 | 05:47 am
posted by: derrosencrantz in troyfluhr

Here it is. The Ebony Blade Productions update site. The purpose of this site is to keep cast and crew updated on projects. So lets get it started.

Theme for November's short film is Starry Night.
I want to make the next episode of Shadow Ops, finally. For it I will need

Alex Wilder - Ops Trainer/Agent (unnamed right now)
Dan Peak - Agent Black, Handler


Camera Man/D.P. - Depending on availability, Jeremy Smith or Brian Hirsch

1) Swedish Hospital: Alex and D.P.
2) An office with a desk and chair: Alex, Dan, and D.P.
3) Park with obstacles: Alex, Troy, and D.P.

Either this weekend or next (12th, 13th, 19th or 20th). It depends on which of these days I can get one of the D.P.s and both of the actors. Worst case I can run the camera for the Hospital and Office shoot.

This should be an easy project. It is mainly to introduce two more characters in the Shadow Ops story. I see this being filmed in one or two days at most depending on Dan's availability.

For those that don't know. Shadow Ops is the very first film I did for Group 101. It is suppose to be a bunch of short films that make a larger film about a guy that is recruited into a secret government agency that hunts supernatural monsters.

So I hope this web thingy works.

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